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Meet Cassie


Hi, my name is Cassie Garcia. I’ve been a Personal Trainer since 2012. I have an extensive fitness background from competitive dance and swim to  powerlifitng and CrossFit. I have always had a passion for being “fit” and helping others.


I was raised around sports which developed my relentless competitive drive. My fitness focus during college was dance. I worked for UDA (Universal Dance Association) for 5 years; where I had the chance to travel, work, and do what I love. From 2011-2017 my fitness was focused on powerlifitng and CrossFit. I competed at the Laura Phelps PRO AM and in various local competitions.  

During this time I became a mom to two wonderful babies.  After having kids, I needed to change up my fitness routine to keep me motivated and to regain my overall strength. Knowing I needed to rebuild my foundation, I challenged myself to bodybuilding style workouts as well as signing up for my first figure competition.  After months of training, I went into the show as a novice competitor.  Hard work and dedication paid off, as I took first place in every division I competed in, including the the open division. At  this time, I also  achieved  winning my pro card in the OCB Federation.  

After having experienced being both a mommy and fitness professional, I have learned the skills necessary to support other women in helping them reach their goals. 

I am the woman behind CassFit, and it is my mission to empower and guide women to live their best life through fitness and nutrition. 

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