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Angie Zamora

If you are looking for strictly a 100% online and at-home program Cassie is your girl! I started in April 2021 and have since lost about 20lbs. If you are willing to put in the work, her workout programs and nutrition plans not only work but are easy to follow. She cares about her clients and she makes sure that the programs she provides you work for YOU. Cassie has changes my life and has made it easier to make healthier decisions for myself and my family. She is an incredible coach filled with lots of knowledge and passion for what she does!

Julianne Ingram

I LOVED Cassie’s Booty Building program! It was challenging but definitely not too much to handle. I gained so much more strength and size in not only my glutes but also my hamstrings and quads! I always appreciated her feedback when I recorded my workouts to share with her. Cassie is so knowledgeable and I’m looking forward to more of her online programming!

Jaqueline Montalvo

I had a great experience with this program. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and realized that there is nothing better than taking care of your health physically and mentally. Thanks to Cass I was motivated to be a better version of myself.

Elayne Abeyta

This program was one of the best programs I have ever experienced. I would recommend to everyone. Cass is such an amazing trainers, checks in , and keeps you highly motivated. The program was perfect, I wouldn’t say anything bad about it. I enjoyed everything about it. The workouts were intense, challenging, they were perfect ,  just what I enjoy.

Jen Valdez-Lucero

I Really liked the glute program and focus, this is where I have struggled in building Glutes. Got great feedback on videos submitted for technique and form to help me. The weekly newsletter was also something I looked forward to!

Erika Gibbs

Awesome program Loved it very much. It kept me motivated. Cass is the best and I learned a lot from her. Love ya Cass!

Elsa Marquez

I really liked it I love all her programs, recommended 100%

Ruth Aguirre

Due to COVID restrictions I was very happy to be able to find this virtual program.  I wanted to continue on my fitness goals, because I was lacking motivation and accountability.  Thanks to Cass I have been able to find both.  I really appreciated that when I did not have the proper equipment Cass was able to modify to the equipment I had at home.  I felt if I had her in person by my side.

Jeannette Beaston

I’m so ready for the next program, I did the home version and within the first week I could already feel and see results. The program caters to you, your time your schedule and that’s what I loved about it. Being a Busy mom sometimes it’s hard to get away to the gym, but Cassfit helped me find time right here in the comfort of my own Home with my Toddler alongside me shadowing my every move.  Amazing motivator her workouts are fun, Challenging and easy to follow. Highly recommended! 10/10 looking forward to More Cassfit.

Traci Lente

I started off not even being able to do a squat or a lunge without assistance and now I can do squats an lunges with weights. That is huge for me!!! I’m so happy with my results I can’t wait to join in person.

Dr. Janice Salazar, DDS & Mike Perrine

In 2020 when gyms closed down my wife and I struggled with finding motivation and discipline to exercise on a regular basis. Thankfully, Cassie was there for us to develop a unique workout plan that considered our individual goals and the equipment that we had available. Working with Cassie has allowed us to find the motivation and discipline we lacked. Through Zoom and the web app, text, and phone calls, Cassie holds us accountable and provides expert guidance. We never knew home workouts could be so challenging and fun. Additionally, after only 3 months of Cassie's program, people are commenting about or changing bodies. We participated in Crossfit and Orange Theory for years and never received such positive feedback. We look forward to continuing to work with Cassie during and after the pandemic. it was the best decision we could have made to improve both our physical and mental health.


When I first met Cassie I felt so weak (strength wise), I had runners body frame. I had also seen myself as skinny fat. Which I hated!

Cassie helped me realize weight is just a number, it doesn't reflect on what you see in the mirror. I was always so concerned why I couldn't gain weight. Now I could care less what the scale says but how I feel.

1 yr later I feel so much stronger. I've learned to love my body & appreciate how far I have come. My goal is to continue to grow stronger physically, mentally (mind and body).

Thank you thank you Cassie for continued guidance along my journey! <3 You're much appreciated!! You have no idea how much "us ladies" love and appreciate all you do <3.


Karilee Murphy

“This will be 27 weeks I’ve been training with Cassie and following her program.  When I began in April, I was at one of the lowest emotional places I’d been in my life.  I couldn’t sleep, I was working a lot so I didn’t have to come home and be alone; My family was worried, and there was no way I was about to be honest about my fitness or my weight.  I could hardly look at myself in the mirror and see Karilee anymore.  I’ve known Cassie my whole life and watching her conquer some pretty amazing things whether it be fitness or parenting, coaching, dancing, and motivating so many...I realized that she would be the person to help me.  We sat down, talked about my goals (both emotional and physical) and then she was like “ok let’s work out!”  And her positivity about it and her outlook at my path to fitness made me feel like I wasn’t alone anymore.  She’d be there to fight against myself.  Over next 7 months, we’d be working and pushing and meal planning.  With every week, I’d see so many changes.  Sometimes I’d lose 2.  Sometimes I’d gain one, and sometimes I’d stay right where I was, but with every change, Cassie stayed right by my side and cheered me on.  I have lost 30 pounds since then, and every goal I set out to meet...we’ve done it.  I think the best part about having Cassie as my trainer is that she has helped me push through my own negativity.  All the times I’d tell myself “you can’t get that pull’re so heavy…” Cassie would be there and say, “get up there girl!  Get that pull up.  You’re strong enough.”  I can’t tell you how many times it was, “one more girl...two more ARE STRONG ENOUGH.”  I just want to express my pure appreciation for Cassie and everything she’s helped me do.  She’s believed in me, and she wants me to believe in myself.  Sometimes it takes someone to say “You deserve to be happy.  You deserve to be healthy.  Let yourself have that.”  I realize now that not only is Cassie counting on me to push myself in the gym while she’s there...she’s counting on me to push myself everyday with my nutrition, my mental health and my exercise.  I would encourage anyone to choose Cassie in helping them change their life.  Not only in fitness but with every aspect of being healthy.  It’s worth it.  You deserve it.  You’re strong enough for it.” 



Hiring Cassie, a personal trainer, may seem like a luxury to some. Especially during the unprecedented times in which we're living. In my case - wondering what direction life will take, and what new adventures or hardships will come. From the experience that I've lived I can tell you that hiring Cassie was a great investment. The improvement in my health, fitness, and overall quality of life became palpable after the very 1st month. Cassie taught me so much about nutrition and what it really means to get the most you can out of your workouts. My journey with her as her client has been nothing short of inspiring and motivating. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for guidance and accountability. 


Staci Crowther

I started training with Cassie in 2015. Prior to starting with her, I had been doing some at-home programs for approximately 4 years, but I wasn't seeing the results I wanted.  I had a difficult time being consistent in my training and the workouts were never particularly challenging.  Tired of watching me struggle, my husband suggested I reach out to Cassie.  I have been happily training with her ever since.  Cassie is amazing to work with.  She is supportive and encouraging.  She knows when to push me and recognizes when I'm already at my edge.  She tells me "You can do this!" and gives me the guidance to hit PRs (personal records) I thought wouldn't be possible.  She asks me what my goals are and then re-focuses her training plans so that I can accomplish them.  Working with her has pushed me to be more consistent in my training too, because I now have someone that I am accountable to.  Working with Cassie I've become the most fit I've ever been - the very best version of me.  I highly recommend personal training with Cassie.

Genieve Posen

It has been my privilege to see Cassie build her business and empower other women.  I will tell you that you will not find a more honest, hardworking, results driven coach out there.  I have competed and trained along side of her in CrossFit and powerlifting competitions.  However, it was the inspiring and supportive environment of her CassFit training classes that I truly got to experience was it meant to be apart of CassFit.  Her knowledge about fitness during pregnancy and postpartum is invaluable.  If you are on the fence about moving forward with your health, I absolutely recommend you contact Cassie to guide you along your journey. 

Team Conditioned.jpg

Mayra Valadez

I met Cassie almost 6 years ago and I can honestly say she made an impact on my life.  Back then when I met her I didn't even know what a squat or a deadlift was.  Along the years she has taught me so much.  She gave me workouts to do by myself and also she would challenge me to work out with her.  Thanks to her now I feel confident doing a variety of training workouts and movements in the gym.  I train with her once a week to keep me motivated and challenged.  The remainder of my training I do by myself at the gym.  Thanks to Cassie, I am more confident than ever in the gym.  My journey to better health has not been easy but it has been amazing, thanks to Cassie's motivation and support.  

Jenice Waters

Can I just begin by saying what an amazing beautiful person Cassie is. I’ve been training with Cassie for just over a year. I’ve suffered with knee and back pain for years. Only to find out that my form was all wrong and it was causing my pain to be intensified. With proper form and instruction I can finally do a lunge or a squat without any pain. I get so happy every time I see a change in my body. I am so thankful to Cassie for pushing me to levels I would’ve never thought I could do on my own.

Monique Atencio

I’ve had a couple personal trainers in the past and Cassie hands down has been the most knowledgeable and encouraging throughout my fitness journey! She wants to see each and every one of her clients reach their goals and she has always gone above and beyond to help get you there. I always leave my sessions knowing that my trainer cares about my health and fitness just as much as I do. I would recommend anyone thinking about working with Cassie to go for it! You will not regret it!

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